Welcome CO Academy #51

Members of class stand with hands raised taking oath
Members of CO #51 take Oath of Honor

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

The 32 members of Correctional Officer Academy #51 took the Oath of Honor May 15, 2015 at the Peace Officer Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

In her remarks, the president of the class, Nora Parisi, told her classmates they will be expected to model life skills for inmates.

“So go out there and be strong but not rude, be kind but not weak, be bold but not a bully, be humble but not timid, be proud but not arrogant,” Parisi said. “Failure is proof that you’ve tried. Now go try again.”

Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center Warden Jeff Kirkman delivered the graduation address.  He listed the expectations that wardens and the new officers’ colleagues will have for themon the job. 

Kirkman told the graduates they should acknowledge their mistakes “before they acknowledge you.”

“If you make a mistake, no matter how serious, get on top of it, Kirkman said.  “If not dealt with immediately, it very well could jeopardize your safety and the safety of others.”

Story published: 05/17/2015

Special awards and acknowledgements

Class president - Nora J. Parisi

Class vice president - Matthew A. Hoover

Tactical Edge Award - Preston Jackson III

Top Student - Larry Haney Jr. 

Class roster

Travis H. Anderson - ISCI

SarahLynn E. Bausch - ICIO

Neal J. Bird II - ISCC

Ryan T. Bushnell - SAWC

Steven J. Chaves - ISCC

Blas A. D. Covarrubias IV - ISCC

Damian B. D’Amato - ISCC

Daman L. Dennison - ISCC

Jonathan G. Derr - ISCC

Matthew R. Dillon - ISCI

Heidi Dixon - ISCC

Jeremy R. Fugge - ISCI

Robert A. Fuller - IMSI

Ronald J. Gentry - SAWC

Jace E. Greeson-Barreith - IMSI

Larry P. Haney Jr. - IMSI

Matthew A. Hoover - IMSI

Preston M. Jackson III - ICIO

Jared P. Jensen - SICI

Alla K. Kazak - IMSI

Jonathan J. Kidwell - SICI

Anthony D. Noble - SAWC

Nora J. Parisi - ISCI

Brandon S. Rivers - ISCI

Brian J. Shjerve - ISCC

Matthew T. Sidwell - ISCC

Joshua K. Soto - ISCC

Curtis W. Swenson - ISCC

Samuel T. Tenorio - IMSI

Joseph W. Turner - ISCC

Bryan C. Warren - ISCC

Kyle J. Wright - PWCC

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