Welcome Correction Academy 43

Officers stand and face audience
Academy 43 graduates are introduced to the audience.

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

The 42 graduates of Correction Academy 43 took the Oath of Honor April 4, 2014 at the Peace Officer Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

In his remarks to his classmates, the president of Academy 43, Stephen S. Self reflected on their class motto, “Know your weakness, Show your strength.” Self said he and his fellow graduates won’t know their strength till they come face to face with their greatest weakness.

“Whether it be prone cuffing, writing reports, shooting a shotgun or communicating, we know what we need to improve on,” Self said.  “We may or may not know what it is right now, but when that time comes, we are mentally and morally prepared then we will see what our greatest strength is.”

Idaho Maximum Security Institution Warden Al Ramirez delivered the graduation address.  He said when he started as a corrections officer 20 years ago, he did not plan to make corrections his career, but he’s glad he did.  Ramirez told the graduates the department offers many opportunities to employees who are interested in taking on new roles.  

“It’s basically like working for a big city. You’ve got medical staff, you’ve got paralegal staff, you’ve got religious staff.  It’s just across the board.  So if you do decide to do something different, please don’t go somewhere else,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez also told the graduates that like it or not they will be role models for offenders.

“They’re going to watch how you handle things, how you handle emergencies.  They’re going to watch how you implement new policies, what your attitude is.  And they’re going to watch how you communicate.  Not only with them but also between other staff. So just know that you’re always being watched,” Ramirez said. “As a professional, there is never an excuse not to be a lady or a gentleman.”

Story published: 04/14/2014
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