Welcome Correction Academy 45

Graduate raises right hand while taking Oath of Honor
Members of CO Academy 45 take the Oath of Honor.

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

The 27 graduates of Correction Academy 45 took the Oath of Honor June 27, 2014 at the Peace Officers Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

In his remarks, the president of the class, David Summers, recalled the words of Abraham Lincoln who said if he was given six hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening his ax.

“The skills we have learned over the last four weeks, our minds and our bodies are our axes… never get caught with a dull ax,” Summers said. “I challenge us to keep our skills sharp and be prepared for any situation.”

Idaho Maximum Security Institution Warden Al Ramirez delivered the graduation address.  He told the graduates to treat offenders as they would want a family member treated if they had been sentenced to prison.

“Remember there is never an excuse to not be a gentleman or lady.  It is okay to say thank you, please, excuse me, sorry…to offenders when appropriate.” Ramirez said. “Do not think the badge you wear is all you need to obtain compliance from offenders. A badge does not make a correctional officer; the skills, knowledge and abilities of a person make a correctional officer.”

Story published: 07/30/2014

Awards and acknowledgements

Class president - David M. Summers

Class vice president - Rayvon A. Souffrant

Tactical Edge Award - Joseph J. Janoushek

Top Student Award - Rachael A. Akre

Class roster

Brandon W. Adair - ISCI
Rachael A. Akre - NICI
Donald J. Allen - ISCI
Dax J. Anderson - SICI
Jo L. Auginaush – ICIO
Randy R. Braden – ISCI
Joseph Cedillo – ISCI
Cameron L. Doramus - SICI
Brett E. Hausladen - NICI
Joseph J. Janoushek - ISCI
Christopher M. Kjos - PWCC
Luis S. Lynch-Mejia Jr. - IMSI
Matthew V. Malone – ISCI
Samuel M. McClure Jr. – IMSI
Thomas F. McGee – ISCI
Jose P. Mejia Jr. – IMSI
Amos J.B. Reyes – ISCI
Gladymar Rodriguez – IMSI
Anthony P. Seckington – ISCI
Rayvon A. Souffrant – IMSI
Shalah J. Stinnett - ISCI
David M. Summers – IMSI
Blake D. Surerus – ISCI
Shane R. Talbert - ICIO
Jace D. Thompson - ICIO
Jeremy S. Ward – ISCI
Rodolfo Wise Jr. - ISCI

Class Motto:

“Duty, not reward”

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