Welcome Correctional Officer Academy #50

Graduates in black shirts, tan slacks stand in two lines ready to receive badges
Graduates prepare to receive their certificates and badges.

A new group of correctional officers is on the job at Idaho Department of Correction facilities statewide.

The 32 graduates of Correction Academy #50 took the Oath of Honor April 10, 2015 at the Peace Officers Standards Training academy in Meridian.

You can see photos of the ceremony here.

In his remarks, the president of the class, Nathan D. Hohnstein, said the bonds his classmates formed will endure beyond their time POST.

“When times get tough, I know that each and every one of you have my back and I have yours,” Hohnstein said. “That is what it means to be a correctional officer.” 

South Idaho Correctional Institution Warden Steven Little delivered the graduation address. He told the graduates they play a vital role as IDOC pursues its mission of promoting a safer Idaho by reducing recidivism.  Little said before offenders can make positive changes in their lives, they need to feel like they are living in a safe environment.

“Unless they feel secure and unless they feel safe, they’re not going to put a whole lot of thought into that,” Little said. “They’re going to lay in bed at night with their eyes open, and they’re going to be afraid to walk around. That’s where you come in.”

Fourth District Judge Patrick Owen, who administered the Oath of Honor, said he is familiar with the offenders whose custody the new officers will soon be entrusted because he reads thousands of pre-sentence investigation reports. Owen says many of the offenders come from difficult backgrounds.

“A very significant number of them have serious substance abuse, alcohol issues. There are significant numbers plagued with mental health issues,” Owen said. “Many of the offenders have not had the benefit of the education that we all provide our children, which many of you have benefited from.”

Story published: 04/27/2015

Special awards and acknowledgements

Class president - Nathan D. Hohnstein

Class vice president - Breana D. Olson

Tactical Edge Award - Daniel E. Dorris

Top Student - Andrew P. Poole 


Class motto

“We firmly face what society fears.”

Class roster

Edward G. Bauck - ISCC

Nathan R. Bird - ISCC

Kimberly L. Bowers - PWCC

Steven D. Brown - ISCC

Elizabeth M. Chappell - ISCC

Dylan N. Cockrum - IMSI

Jessica F. Dedrick - ISCI

Daniel E. Dorris - ISCC

Maria-Roxana Eixenberger - ISCC

Matthew D. Ellis - PWCC

Mayra Flores - IMSI

Caryl J. Frasier - ISCC

Jeffrey R. Funk - ISCC

Tanya A. Held - ISCC

Nathan D. Hohnstein - IMSI

Matthew D. Johnson - SICI

Robert P. Kent - ICIO

Brian J. Madrid - ISCI

Sandra G. Magana-Botello - ISCI

Joshua W. McCoy - IMSI

Drue S. McHan - SICI

Joshua J. Newcomb - IMSI

Breana D.Olson - ISCC

Andrew P. Poole - PWCC

Nathan L. Roe - IMSI

Alyce M. Rowland- NICI

Sharie L. Starman - ISCC

Jason J. Thompson - IMSI

Ival A. Turner - IMSI

Jay D. Van Etten - PWCC

Timothy D. Wood - IMSI

Aundrea M. Zuniga - SBWCC

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