Welcome Corrections Academy 42

Officers stand with their right hand raised
Members of CO Academy 42 take the Oath of Honor

A new group of officers is now on the job at correctional facilities in Idaho.

The 24 graduates of Corrections Academy 42 took the Oath of Honor Jan. 31, 2014 at the Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy in Meridian.

The president of Academy 42, Lawrence R. Jefferson II, talked about his class’ motto, Veritas, Officium. Aequitas, which is Latin for Truth, Duty, Justice. Jefferson said the first truth he and his classmates encountered was learning about each other.

"We come from all walks of life with very interesting backgrounds – loss prevention, military, retired military, a chiropractor, merchant marine, emergency services, a paralegal, semi-pro athletes, people who have traveled to Third World countries, prior law enforcement, college students and even a classmate who puts on bull-riding rodeos," Jefferson said.

Idaho Correctional Institution – Orofino Warden Terema Carlin was the graduation speaker. In her remarks, she challenged the graduates to ask themselves what kind of person they want to be.

"What kind of character do you want to reflect? In other words, what distinguishing feature or attribute do you wish to be best known for? People with character stand for something. That may be a value, an ideal, a cause, a mission. Moreover, people with character don’t just talk about things. They exhibit a pattern of behavior that demonstrates what they stand for," Carlin said.

Carlin said retired four-star general Colin Powell, who served as secretary of state from 2001 to 2005, noted that people with character figure out what is crucial and then stay focused on it without allowing side issues to distract them.

"As a department, we value our staff, we value a safe and professional environment that promotes dignity with respect for staff, the public and offenders," Carlin said.

Story published: 03/05/2014

Special Awards and Acknowledgements

Class President   Lawrence R. Jefferson II

Class Vice President   Joseph A. Ordille

Tactical Edge Award   Joseph A. Ordille

Top Student   Kenneth A. Gough

Class roster

Jessica H. Bonds   ICIO
Catherine T. Bradley   IMSI
Shannon A. Cobb   ISCI
Adam R. Emerson   ICIO
Justin W. Erickson   NICI
Kenneth A. Gough   SICI
Bradley M. Hogan   ICIO
Lawrence R. Jefferson II   NICI
Jerry J. Madrid II   ISCI
Matthew S. Martin   ICIO
David S. McDade   IMSI
Cory S. Miles   PWCC
Zachariah J. Mulder   SICI
Michael J. Novotny   IMSI
Joseph A. Ordille   PWCC
Kellen R. Owens   SICI
Aric J. Pena   SICI
Jordan M. Richter   ICIO
Manuel D. Rodriguez   IMSI
Geoffrey K. Rogers   IMSI
Philip K. Sorensen   PWCC
Melinda C. Udy   PWCC
Jonathan R. Warren   SICI
Kevin J. Wiechmann   ISCI

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