Work center walkaway caught

S. Fisher mugshot from Ada Co. Sheriff's Office
Photo courtesy Ada Co. Sheriff's Office

BOISE, March 7, 2014 -- The Idaho Department of Correction's Fugitive Recovery Unit, with assistance from the Boise Police Department, has captured an offender who recently walked away from the East Boise Community Work Center.

Shirleyanne Fisher, IDOC #78416, was arrested at 7:20 a.m. at a downtown Boise bus station. She was taken custody aboard a bus that had just arrived in Boise from Salt Lake City.

Fisher walked away from the work center on Feb. 21. She was serving a two- to five-year sentence for possession of a controlled substance in Canyon County.

Fisher was scheduled to be released on Aug. 31, 2014. She now faces the possibility of charges related to her escape from the work center.

Story published: 03/07/2014
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