The Idaho Department of Correction houses inmates in eleven prisons, four community work centers and county jails. The Contract Facility Monitoring department provides oversight and monitoring of the contracts between the state of Idaho, county jails and privately-operated prisons. Idaho houses just over 8,000 adult inmates.

Incarcerated offenders include termers, retained jurisdiction inmates, and parole violators. Termers are offenders sentenced to a term of incarceration by the courts. Offenders can also be committed to term by the Commission of Pardons and Parole upon parole revocation. 

Retained jurisdiction inmates (riders) serve either a 90-day, 120-day or a 270-day period of incarceration at a specialized facility, where they are assessed to determine needs and receive intensive programming and education. Upon completion of their rider, the court determines whether the offenders should be placed on probation or sentenced to term.

Parole violators are offenders who violated the conditions of their parole or committed a new crime while on parole and are awaiting a revocation hearing from the Commission of Pardons and Parole. 

The Idaho Department of Correction strives to keep offenders positively engaged in education, treatment or work opportunities.  To learn more about work opportunities for offenders, click here.