BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 15, 2018 – Due to a shortage of beds in Idaho’s prisons and jails, the Idaho Department of Correction has moved 105 more male inmates to the Karnes County Correctional Center in Karnes City, Texas. 

They arrived at 1:38 p.m. Wednesday. 

They join 306 Idaho inmates who arrived at the facility earlier this year. [read more...]

It was recently brought to light that the Moss family has three members working at three prisons within the Idaho Department of Correction.

Jeanne Moss joined the Department in 2000. She works at SICI, Special Projects.

Her daughter, Cheri Mozley, started with the Department in 2012. She works at ICIO, also in Special Projects.

Another daughter, Tanya Jacks, just started with the Department this year. She is an officer and works at NICI.

Three family members working at three different prisons – A Family Affair. [read more...]

The offenders of Nampa CRC were given an opportunity to assist a local Vietnam Veteran with building his dream home. 

Jim Klassen, a resident of Fruitland Idaho, hasn’t lived in a home with a foundation for over a decade. 

Habitat for Humanity reached out to Nampa CRC to find some assistance with renovating a small concrete block building on Jim’s land into a livable home.  [read more...]

In an effort to make a correctional facility less of a sterile environment and bring some color into areas not normally deemed normal, we’re constantly making steps to introduce “normalcy"… 

What I thought may be of interest to readers of The Weekly Beaver is how we have utilized artists to paint sceneries in two of our corridors. 



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