Clarification to IDOC Standard Operating Procedure 604.02.01.001 (Visiting Rules For Inmates and Visitors): No paper money allowed during prison visiting sessions

People visiting their incarcerated loved ones often bring money with them to purchase items from vending machines during scheduled visiting sessions.  

Visitors are welcome to do so, but paper money is not allowed. You’ll be asked to return the paper money to your vehicle if you bring it into the facility with you.  [read more...]

December of last year was the first college course completion of the ground-breaking program in Idaho, Inside Out. Where the ICIO school teamed up with the University of Idaho to complete the first college class ever offered inside an Idaho prison. The story spread and recently KLEW TV and the Lewiston Morning Tribune came to ICIO to do stories about the program.
&n [read more...]

The Probation and Parole division is excited to announce the promotion of Cory Barrier to the position of District Manager in District 3.  

Cory graduated from Boise State University in 2003 with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  

Following graduation, he and his wife, Kristin, moved to Germany where she was stationed in the USAF.  

After returning to the US, Cory accepted a position as a Probation and Parole Officer in District 4.   [read more...]