The offenders of Nampa CRC were given an opportunity to assist a local Vietnam Veteran with building his dream home. 

Jim Klassen, a resident of Fruitland Idaho, hasn’t lived in a home with a foundation for over a decade. 

Habitat for Humanity reached out to Nampa CRC to find some assistance with renovating a small concrete block building on Jim’s land into a livable home.  [read more...]

Ms. Hannah Smith Eckley came into the office to receive her Gold Seal letter.

Ms. Eckley has been on Felony Probation and Parole most recently since 2010. She said she was very appreciative of the support Probation and Parole has given her and was stated she was proud to show DM Widmier, her original PO, she could complete her time.  

Ms. Eckley is now interested in becoming a Mentor with the Free 2 Succeed program.  [read more...]