I’d like to thank the United States Attorney Bart Davis, the FBI Special Agent in Charge Doug Hart and all the dedicated law enforcement professionals in the bureau and the U.S. Attorney’s Office who worked so hard on this case.

This investigation began two years ago when our own Idaho Department of Correction investigators uncovered evidence of what appeared to be a pattern of serious wrongdoing. 

As we began our investigation, we realized we needed an outside agency to conduct a thorough investigation. [read more...]

BOISE, Idaho, April 18, 2018 -- At the request of the Idaho Department of Correction, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the apparent suicide of an inmate at Idaho State Correctional Institution.

At 4:21 p.m. Tuesday, a correctional officer found Francisco Martinez Parreira, 27, unconscious in his cell with a sheet tied around his neck. Correctional staff immediately initiated lifesaving procedures and called 911. [read more...]

Working together with our inmate population, Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center Sgt. Gilbey, Cpl. Peterson, and C/O Miller, orchestrated a project for our local cancer center to create "comforting devices".  

These "comforting devices" are rice bags the patients use to warm-up after receiving treatment.  

In addition, the inmates made a crocheted hat, scarf, or set of gloves, to go with each rice bag.  [read more...]