Mentoring for IDOC

Free2Succeed is the Idaho Department of Correction's mentorship initiative. Mentoring returning citizens through critical and often difficult times will not only provide necessary guidance and support but also, quite possibly, for their loved ones. Mentors come from all walks of life, all ages, and a variety of economic, social, and educational backgrounds. As a mentor with the IDOC you will help fulfill our mission to create a model correctional system that provides opportunities that reflect a community experience and foster connections by:

  • being part of the resident's support system and ensuring a successful transition into Idaho's communities.
  • providing accountability, trust, and a positive relationship where none may otherwise exist.
  • developing partnerships with IDOC staff, faith-based organizations, and other community support groups and services.
  • creating opportunities for residents that reflect a community experience and encourage positive change.
  • providing comfort and encouragement through difficult and stressful times.
  • ensuring the resident attends and completes required programs, and seeks positive activities to develop social and problem-solving skills.
  • being a positive and pro-social connection and introducing residents to other pro-social individuals.

IDOC has partnered with the AmeriCorps VISTA program and placed an AmeriCorps VISTA member in each of the seven district probation and parole offices. This individual is responsible for assisting in building capacity and sustainability with the Free2Succeed program. Leveraging the power of the VISTAs throughout Idaho enables Free2Succeed to help more returning citizens get a mentor upon release. They also work within their local communities to recruit additional mentors, help build strong, collaborative partnerships with community and faith-based organizations, work closely with probation and parole staff, and work to support the mentors in their respective districts. If you have any questions about mentoring in your area, please contact the VISTA member in that respective district.

How do you get started as a mentor?

  1. Submit a Mentor Application - you DO NOT need to complete a background check.
  2. Attend Mentor Training and Orientation (ITO). You may start mentoring before completing the training provided you attend the next available training opportunity
  3. You will be contacted by one of the Mentor Site Coordinators in the respective district where you will be mentoring.
  4. Wait to be matched with a mentee. Depending on a number of circumstances, it may require some time to find and individual that meets the criteria for you to mentor, for example: someone to released to your city or area, gender, age, etc.

Mentor expectations

  • Commit to the program and the mentee
  • Act as a role model
  • Support, guide, encourage, teach, and coach
  • Motivate and demonstrate
  • Identify opportunities for growth and progress
  • Provide information and help connect with community resources
  • Develop partnerships and working relationships with staff
  • Attend mentor training