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ISCI Chapel
ISCI Chapel

UPDATE - January 9, 2023 As of this update, all facilities are open for volunteer services and IF there is a VRC in facility, there will be services scheduled. 

We have added new staff in the role of Volunteer Service Coordinator (VSC) positions in most of the facilities. We are currently looking to fill positions at SAWC, ISCI, IMSI, and SICI PRC (female) in addition to adding one or more to the larger facilities at ISCC and ICIO. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please find the application here and type in Volunteer Coordinator in the search bar.  

Please welcome the new IDOC staff for religious and volunteer activities in the following facilities:

  • PWCC:             Naomi Rupp
  • NICI:                Jim Parkinson
  • NICI:                Adam Sarbacher
  • ICIO:                Judy Gilliam
  • SBWCC:          Kati Eckenrode
  • SICI (Male):     Mark Eckenrode
  • ISCC:              James Robledo

Please contact the facility VRC for additional information regarding scheduling and application approval status at the facilities that are open. 


The Department's volunteer program is a key component in accomplishing our mission to build community partnerships and provide opportunities for change. There are a wide variety of opportunities for volunteer service including, but not limited to, teaching a religious or secular class, leading a religious service, facilitating a self-help program, providing tutoring or other education assistance, supplementing vocational training opportunities, or donating much needed items. Our volunteer categories consist of: Level 1 Volunteer, Level 2 Volunteer, Limited Service Volunteer, and Mentor. You may also qualify for clergy status with proof of credentials.

Visit New Volunteer Requirements to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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