Volunteer Services

ISCI Chapel
ISCI Chapel

Please welcome the new IDOC staff for religious and volunteer activities in the following facilities:

  • PWCC:             Naomi Rupp
  • NICI:                 Adam Sarbacher
  • ICIO:                Judy Gilliam and Bobby Jo Brown
  • SBWCC:           Kati Eckenrode
  • SICI (Male):      Mark Eckenrode
  • ISCC:               James Robledo and Randy Harrison
  • ISCI:                 Michael Spencer, John Barroso, and Leon Maynard
  • SICI (Female): Paula Drinkard-Bonds
  • IMSI:                Gordon Simpson
  • MVTC (formerly CAPP): Douglas Pearlstein
  • SAWC:             Nari Mendenhall

Please contact the facility VRC for additional information regarding scheduling and application approval status at the facilities that are open. 


The Department's volunteer program is a key component in accomplishing our mission to build community partnerships and provide opportunities for change. There are a wide variety of opportunities for volunteer service including, but not limited to, teaching a religious or secular class, leading a religious service, facilitating a self-help program, providing tutoring or other education assistance, supplementing vocational training opportunities, or donating much needed items. Our volunteer categories consist of: Level 1 Volunteer, Level 2 Volunteer, Limited Service Volunteer, and Mentor. You may also qualify for clergy status with proof of credentials.

Visit New Volunteer Requirements to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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