Victim Services


VINELINK: Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) services for the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) are not currently active. VINELink and IDOC continue work to restore notifications. Current resident locations are updated daily and available at this link: Resident/Client Search | Idaho Department of Correction

IDOC continues to notify registered victims of any full-term release, escape or death. Please make certain the agency has your current information.

We understand that this outage is inconvenient, and we appreciate your patience during this system transition.

Victim Services Coordinator for Idaho Department of Correction

Parole Victim Services for the Idaho Commission on Pardons and Parole


Victim Services offers assistance to the victims of crimes while an individual is incarcerated.


Notification of term release, escape or death

  • Updated contact information is required for victim notifications.
  • Victims should send address updates to
  • For victim services associated with current IDOC facility residents, contact 208-605-4774.

VINELink allows automated notifications by email, text or phone. Teletypewriter (TTY) is also available.

  • This system sends emails, texts or phone notifications when residents move or are scheduled for parole hearings. (This is a separate service from IDOC victim services, however we can help you register or answer general questions on VINE notifications.)
  • Sign up on the VINE website. Click on the drop-down list and select IDAHO.
  • NOTE: Incarcerated individuals often move between and within facilities. This is routine and not a cause for concern.

IDOC Resident/Client Search provides a tool to check on an individual in IDOC custody or on IDOC supervision.

  • This tool is updated at 4 a.m. each morning.
  • The prison locations page provides information on types of residents in each facility.
  • The probation & parole page provides information for individuals under supervision.

Please note for the best service, parole hearing questions should be directed to the Commission of Pardons & Parole.

Other Providers

The Idaho Department of Correction victim services focuses on victims of incarcerated individuals. There are individual county victim witness coordinators that work with victims prior to incarceration, and the Commission of Pardons & Parole provides victims with information on parole releases and hearings.