Probation & Parole

Sex Offender Management

Probation & Parole supervises more than 1,000 persons convicted of a sexually-based offense. Each individual is supervised by a specially-trained probation & parole officer. 


Like probation and parole officers who supervise other types of cases, those who supervised individuals convicted of sex crimes, the officers assess the clients' progress as they undergo treatment and assure they follow their rules of supervision.

Their duties include:

  • keeping track of where clients work and live
  • conducting curfew checks
  • investigating alleged violations
  • collecting cost-of-supervision fees and restitution payments
  • keeping the courts and the Commission for Pardons & Parole updated 

Idaho Department of Correction Policies Regarding Sex Offender Supervision

SOP 701.04.02.006, Sex Offenders: Supervision and Classification, provides the necessary guidelines and objectives for sex offender probation and parole officers to follow with regard to supervision of sex offenders.