Volunteer and Mentor Services




Volunteers are an integral part of the IDOC mission of keeping; the public safe and providing opportunities for residents to change. Volunteers work within the prisons to provide religious classes, specialized training, and unique teaching opportunities.

Free2Succeed Mentor Program

Free2Succeed mentors come from all walks of life, all ages, and from a variety of economic, social, and educational backgrounds. Mentors will help provide a "bridge" for residents who are returning to Idaho's communities from incarceration. The goal of Free2Succeed is to provide residents who are willing to participate in the program with a mentor who will work with them side-by-side to ensure a smooth and successful transition and help reduce the chance of recidivism.

UPDATE - JUNE 24, 2022

This message is for volunteers who are or may be serving in IDOC facilities in Ada County only. 

Earlier this week, due to the high level of transmission of COVID-19 in Ada County, IDOC made the decision to suspend visitation at all facilities in Ada County which includes EBCRC, IMSI, ISCC, ISCI, SBWCC, SICI (and PRC), and TVCRC. 

Additionally, to help mitigate COVID transmission in our facilities, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY volunteers will also be restricted from the facilities during this time. Hopefully, it will be a short, temporary period of suspension and we can get all the volunteers back in the facilities as soon as possible. The VRCs will continue to process applications and volunteer training will continue to be scheduled when/if needed. 

Thank you for understanding and always for your patience. If you have any questions specific to a facility, please reach out to the VRC at that facility.