About Us

The Idaho Department of Correction employs approximately 2,000 staff across three divisions: Prisons, Probation & Parole, and Management Services. This includes a variety of security (e.g., correctional officers, probation and parole officers) and non-security positions (e.g., teachers, mental health clinicians, fiscal, human resources).

The Idaho Department of Correction runs nine prisons, five community reentry centers, and seven district probation and parole offices across the state. IDOC is responsible for managing individuals convicted of felony offenses who are sentenced to prison, probation, or a period of retained jurisdiction (i.e., RIDER). Additionally, IDOC supervises those individuals who are released to the community on parole.

Our Philosophy

Director Josh Tewalt on how IDOC is making Idaho safer.

Director Josh Tewalt on the transformation of IDOC.


Director Josh Tewalt on the future of IDOC.

Director Josh Tewalt on redefining public safety.


Strategic Plan 

A living document which guides department behavior and decisions. The strategic plan includes current agency goals.