No Means No
No Means No

The Idaho Department of Correction has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment. The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to prevent sexual assaults and sexual misconduct in confinement settings. The department adopted a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse in 2004. Preventing sexual abuse is a top priority for the agency.

All sexual abuse reports are investigated. Incidents involving potentially criminal acts are referred to law enforcement for investigation and potential prosecution.

Reporting Information

Residents are encouraged to report and have multiple ways to get help. The quickest way for a resident to receive help is to report to staff in the facility.  

Residents may report in the following ways inside facilities.

  • Tell any staff member.
  • Submit a written report, such as a concern form.
  • Call the PREA hotline and record a report.
  • Send a letter to the Idaho Sheriffs' Association. *Residents can send confidential mail, and ask to remain anonymous for this option.

Family and friends may report in the following ways from the community.

Community options are checked during normal business hours. If immediate response is needed, call the facility directly at the main facility number.

Concern forms and grievances may also be used f reporting. The PREA SOP has complete details.

PREA Employment Checks

Human Resource staff respond to all PREA hiring questions.

PREA Data and Reports

The agency publishes an Annual Report with sexual abuse data and actions take to improve program effectiveness. 

PREA Annual Report, 2022

PREA Annual Report, 2021

PREA Annual Report, 2020

PREA Annual Report, 2019

PREA Annual Report, 2018

PREA Annual Report, 2017

Final PREA audit reports are published as they become available.

TFCRC Audit Report, 2024

ISCI Audit Report, 2024

SICI Audit Report, 2023

PWCC Audit Report, 2023

TVCRC Audit Report, 2022

NCRC Audit Report, 2022

SBWCC Audit Report, 2022

EBCRC Audit Report, 2022

NICI Audit Report, 2022

ICIO Audit Report, 2022

IFCRC Audit Report, 2021

The Mountain View Transformation Center achieved compliance while named and managed as the Correctional Alternative Placement Program.

PREA is an essential part of the agency's efforts to keep prisons safe for residents and staff.