IDOC offers multiple ways to report

About PREA
The Idaho Department of Correction has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in 2003 to support the prevention, reduction and elimination of sexual violence in all prisons. The department adopted a zero tolerance policy in 2004, and continues refining prevention, detection and response efforts.

Reporting Information
If an IDOC inmate is being sexually harassed or abused they are encouraged to report it.

INSIDE PRISONS: Victims and/or witnesses have multiple ways to get help.

  • An inmate PREA hotline is available in all facilities housing IDOC inmates.The number is posted by all prison phones.
  • Inmates can also get help by telling a staff member, giving a written report to any staff member, talking to medical staff, sending a confidential letter to a facility or agency head, or by asking a loved one to report for them.
  • Inmates can also report confidentially to the Idaho Sheriffs' Association.

OUTSIDE PRISONS: Family and friends may also file a report on behalf of an inmate.

PREA Employment Checks
Human Resource staff respond to all PREA hiring questions.

  • Email:
  • Call: HR employment line (208)-658-2020
  • Fax: (208) 327-7402

PREA is an essential part of the agency's efforts to keep Idaho prisons safe for inmates and staff.

Significant Events

  • Idaho made meeting PREA standards an agency priority in December 2014.
  • New reporting resources for third-party PREA reports were established and published in May 2015.
  • Former Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter announced Idaho's intent to comply with PREA Standards in December 2015.

What's New

  • IDOC issued a new PREA policy in April 2018 and trained all staff and inmates.
  • IDOC completed camera updates three prisons, and is updating cameras in two additional prisons. 
  • Idaho submitted a Governor's assurance in 2018 that the state is working toward PREA compliance.
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