Release Pay Debit Cards

Release Pay Debit Card
Release Pay Debit Card

Pre-loaded debit cards issued upon release - Release Pay debit cards

As part of the overall solution to make it easier for prison residents and the friends and family who support them, IDOC is pleased to announce a new program to benefit individuals who are being released from custody.

Access Corrections, through its subcontractor Rapid Financial Services, is offering and supporting these release debit cards. These pre-loaded debit cards, also known as Release Pay Cards, will be issued upon being released from custody instead of checks. In today's banking climate, most banks will charge a check cashing fee if the check holder does not have a bank account. Our new solution eliminates this potential cost.

The Release Pay Cards are pre-loaded with the remaining funds from residents' prison accounts and are activated free of charge. The Release Pay Cards have a 5-year expiration date. If a card expires, contact customer service to request a new card at no cost. There are no maintenance or inactivity fees associated with your money being placed onto the debit card.

The Release Pay Card program allows newly released individuals to have immediate access to their funds in real time, at ATMs, banks, and through retail locations who accept Mastercard point of sale (POS) transactions. The Release Pay Card program is designed to provide many user-friendly options to obtain your money. It's your money; you choose how best to access it. An additional option is calling customer service and requesting to close out your card account and be provided a paper check. All the above-mentioned options are free of charge. The Release Pay card is a member of the MoneyPass network of surcharge-free ATMs, so if you choose to access your money through an ATM it’s best to choose a MoneyPass ATM. (To locate nearest MoneyPassATM, go to

See information on how to use your debit card at For more information, see the Release Pay debit card FAQ.