St. Anthony Work Camp (SAWC)

SAWC is 400-bed work camp for minimum- and community-custody men. The facility provides residents with opportunities for full-time, constructive, paid employment with government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private employers. The program helps residents develop good work habits, and marketable work skills while providing a financial resource to meet the residents' immediate and future needs.

Warden: Glenn Armstrong


Email: sawc@idoc.idaho.gov
Phone: 208-624-3775


NOTE : Idaho code 18-5210 states that a person commits a crime by knowingly introducing or possessing contraband in a correctional facility. Contraband includes, but is not limited to tobacco, cell phone(s) or telecommunication equipment, controlled/illegal substances, firearms or dangerous weapons, ammunition/explosives and escape tools or devices. Violations are punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years and/or fine of up to $10,000.


Please read and be familiar with the Visiting Rules for Residents and Visitors and complete the visiting application process before visiting the facility.

Visiting schedules are subject to change based on emergency situations.

Visitation Alerts

Visiting at Idaho Falls CRC is cancelled on March 2nd due to a power outage.

Facility Alerts

No facility alerts at this time.
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St. Anthony Work Camp
St. Anthony Work Camp
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St. Anthony Work Camp
125 N. 8th West
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