Community Resource for COVID-19 Testing

August 20, 2020
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While the IDOC provides on-site COVID-19 testing to employees and all residents of our facilities free of charge, not all members of IDOC families have access to testing services.

We would like to make you aware of one excellent resource available in our community, Primary Health is now offering same day appointments for curbside COVID-19 testing to patients with or without symptoms. 

These tests utilize a short, comfortable nasal swab with results available the next day (in most cases). For more information about the services provided by Primary Health and decide if this is right for your family, please visit their website.

The clinics listed below are currently offering same-day appointments for COVID-19 testing:

For patients with COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Cole & Fairview in Boise: 208-809-2880
  • Garden City: 208-809-2865
  • Nampa: 208-466-6567

For patients without symptoms:

  • Nampa Garrity: 208-809-2869

For children 17 and younger with or without COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Pediatric Urgent Care: 208-377-4400
  • All patients are seen indoors at Pediatric Urgent Care, with separate areas for sick and well children.