Good Citizen, Life Saving Award, District 5 Probation & Parole

Jesus (Octavio) Diaz, Lead Probation & Parole Officer, District 5 Probation & Parole
December 31, 2018
SPO Alex McClain, Chris Nevarez, and Lead PO Jesus (Octavio) Diaz
SPO Alex McClain, Chris Nevarez, and Lead PO Jesus (Octavio) Diaz

On December 6, 2018, Christopher Nevarez demonstrated an act of bravery and kindness. Mr. Nevarez saw that a home was on fire, and he was able to assist and get one of the occupants safely out of the home. He was then able to go back into the home and search for others.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff's office awarded Mr. Nevarez with the Good Citizen, Life Saving Award on December 20, 2018.

It is not only Mr. Nevarez's act of bravery and kindness that I want us to focus on but more on how he has worked to turn his life around. Mr. Nevarez has been on supervision since 2011. During that time, he has had his share of making bad choices and bad decisions. Mr. Nevarez has worked very hard this year to do things right and to abide by all his conditions of supervision.

Mr. Nevarez has demonstrated that behaviors and thinking patterns can change. All of us at District 5 Probation & Parole are very proud of him.