ICIO Thanks Clearwater County Road Dept.

Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino
December 28, 2021
Photos by Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO
Photos by Lt. Greg Heun, ICIO

Recently, as ICIO was getting prepped for the winter, an unexpected snowstorm hit the area, causing roads to be extremely slippery. This past February a storm of this caliber caused the transport bus to slide back down the hill going to ICIO, ending nearly sideways in the road (see picture). Nobody wanted to repeat that day and ICIO’s ordered gravel had not been delivered yet (days late) so a plan B had to be formulated. Special Projects Sergeant, Mike Curtis, contacted the local Clearwater County Road Department (CCRD) for assistance. CCRD Road Supervisor, Rudy Knapik, and Assistant Supervisor, Jeff Fleming, were extremely helpful and offered services beyond what ICIO needed, giving ICIO much needed gravel to spread on the areas concerned. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the CCRD by Special Projects Lieutenant Greg Heun.

The certificate reads: "Certificate of Appreciation is gratefully presented to the Clearwater County Road Department for your continued support of the Idaho Correctional Institution Orofino (ICIO) mission. Recently an unexpected snowstorm hit the Orofino area and the snowfall caused the roads to ICIO to be slick and dangerous. ICIO was expecting a full-size transport bus to arrive from Boise that day and the bad roads were too sick for the bus to effectively access the prison. The Clearwater County Road Department (CCRD) made available as much of their winter road gravel as ICIO needed to make the facility roads safe for travel. Again, thank you for your continued support of ICIO and especially helping keep our roads safe for travel."

From left: Jeff Fleming, Rudy Knapik, Lt. Greg Heun