ICIO’s therapy dog helps resident with dementia

By Warden Terema Carlin, ICIO
July 25, 2022
Graphic shows photo of Lady and a summary of the story
Graphic shows photo of Lady and a summary of the story

Recently Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino had an incident where a long-time resident was digressing due to dementia and was non-compliant for staff. This resident had spent many years with the facility dog, Lady, before starting to lose his memory. During the incident it was determined that the resident needed to be transported to the hospital, but he refused to get in the wheelchair. Staff on site asked for Lady to be brought to the housing unit. Upon seeing Lady, the resident immediately became compliant, got in the wheelchair, and was escorted to the ambulance by medical staff and Lady. Her presence that day made all the difference for the resident in need, the residents on the unit, and the staff that were working that day. 

Unfortunately, the resident was unable to return to ICIO due to the seriousness of his medical condition. The transport team, Ofc. Brandolino and Lt. Heun, did an amazing job showing care and concern for the resident. A special shout out to ISCI. They put together a transport team on short notice to meet us halfway.