Letter of Recognition for ISCI Ofc. Alisa Gibson

By Sgt. Jacob Rogers, ISCI
July 20, 2022
Graphic shows photo of Alisa holding letter with quote from letter
Graphic shows photo of Alisa holding letter with quote from letter

“On April 6th, 2022, two civilians made their way into the administrative area and were attempting to gain entrance to the facility. The civilians had already been denied access to visiting by other staff members, however they attempted to manipulate their way in to seeing a specific resident.

“Upon understanding their intention, you immediately halted their progress and contacted your shift commander. Once you briefed the shift commander, you denied them access to the facility and they left the institution.

“As a correctional professional, it is imperative that we remain professional, aware, and consistent in our job duties. You exemplified each trait, and due to your discipline and focus, you identified a considerable discrepancy and eliminated any potential for a security failure. The civilians were denied access, and any harm or ill-intentions were avoided.

“When dealing with the civilian population, our professionalism and appearance is often at the forefront of our interactions. That focus is increased when we must deny any kind of request and can be considered unpleasant. However, you remained steadfast and undeterred, focusing on the duty as a correctional professional.

“This is a prime example of what a correctional professional should exhibit. Your performance reflects the spirit of what it means to represent the Idaho State Correctional Institution and the Idaho Department of Correction.”