NICI's Core Honored with Silver Cross

May 10, 2020
Officer Chad Core (right) with Lt. Jarod Cash
Officer Chad Core (right) with Lt. Jarod Cash

CO Chad Core was working a housing unit when an offender began having a seizure that is often categorized as a Grand Mal.

The inmate was choking and having a hard time breathing due to the aggressive seizure. Chad quickly called a medical emergency and began performing life saving techniques on the inmate.

Chad, with the assistance of two other inmates, placed the offender in a recovery position and cleared his airway.

The offender was choking on his tongue and was to the point that his lips were turning purple due to loss of oxygen.

The offender was eventually able to breath and slowly came into consciousness when medical personnel arrived on scene.

Medical staff commented that Chad's quick response likely saved this offenders life.

Chad's quick reaction, professionalism, and dedication to IDOC’s mission is admirable and worthy of recognizing. 

Chad is modest and says that “he was just doing his job” but circumstances like this require effort well beyond “just doing your job”.

IDOC would like to thank Chad and recognize his efforts with the Silver Cross life-saving award.

Pictured:  Officer Chad Core (right) with Lt. Jarod Cash