Post-Secondary Education

Career Technical Education

Goals: Provide training programs taught by certified correctional education staff resulting in industry certification, or contracted college/university staff with post-secondary competency certificates. Curricula is approved by the Idaho State Department of Education or in accordance with industry standards that provide residents with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to secure employment in occupations identified by the US Department of Labor and/or the Idaho Workforce Development Council to be in demand in the State of Idaho.

  • Deliver Pre-Release Computer Literacy, and Education/Career Planning to all students.
    • Strategy: Assess students to determine career readiness and soft skill needs.
    • Strategy: Prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry based on individualized interests and post release plans.
  • Increase the number of post-secondary opportunities.
    • Strategy: Expand partnerships with institutions of higher learning.
    • Strategy: Utilize advisory committees to assist in the development and enhancement of short-term training programs.
    • Strategy: Identify industry/community partners.
  • Ensure appropriate education/career program placement for eligible incarcerated individual.
    • Strategy: Students transferred to the appropriate facility based on identified career interest
  • Robert Janss School is hopeful to obtain the Pell grant towards offering college courses to residents. However, this is currently in the works and is not official. The Pell grant goes live in 2023. The courses and certifications list will most likely change - down the road

      Courses and Certifications Offered at Correctional Facilities in Idaho

      1. Undergraduate Coursework
        • Skill Stack Badge Program
          • Dairy Science
          • Administrative Services
          • Ornamental Horticulture
          • Welding
      2. National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) Certification:
        • Core
        • Carpentry
        • Masonry
        • Electrical Wiring
        • Cabinet Making
        • Drywall
        • Electronic Systems Technician
      3. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
        • Access
        • Excel
        • Excel Expert
        • Outlook
        • Power Point
        • Word
        • Word Expert
      4. Registered Apprenticeships
        • Drywall Applicator
        • Residential Electrician
        • Residential Carpenter
        • Bricklayer