Strategic Initiatives

Recruitment and Retention

We recognize the unique challenges of working in a correctional environment, where staff are responsible for law enforcement and rehabilitative functions simultaneously. Our goal is to enhance staff fulfillment through recruitment and retention of a qualified staff, encouragement of professional development, and by investing in wellness activities that specifically target corrections fatigue and trauma.


Recruiting and retention

An IDOC taskforce is working with consultants to reexamine all recruiting, hiring, and retention related activities, with an eye toward increasing the number of new hires and improving retention. 


PURPOSE in Action: Putting People First- is an effort that builds supervisory skills to create a culture focused on development, growth, and ultimately, retention. This initiative is launched in two prisons in June 2022 and will be rolled out statewide during FY23. 

PURPOSE initiative is about getting clear on our direction and expectations, aligning our individual and agency goals, and finding the purpose in our work. We do this by getting to know each other, understanding staffs’ individual goals, and finding ways to turn those goals into reality. When staff have PURPOSE, it shows in their interactions with each other and with our stakeholders.