Enhancing staff wellness is one of our top priorities, and fulltime IDOC employees are eligible for the State of Idaho’s benefits package. These benefits include:

Paid holidays training sick and vacation leave
11 paid holidays
Paid training
Paid sick and vacation leave


After 5 years of service, IDOC staff are vested in one of the nation's best retirement systems, and our law enforcement staff are eligible for Rule of 80 retirement benefits.

In addition to the annual base salary, the State of Idaho makes financial contributions for every IDOC employee. These contributions are non-taxed, and although they are not paid in a traditional sense, they significantly raise IDOC employee's total compensation.

For example, a new correctional officer makes $42,120 annually, and the State of Idaho contributes $20,997 in other benefits to this base salary. This raises a new correctional officer’s total compensation to $63,117 annually.


Benefits breakdown