SOMB Website Assistant

All current openings are unpaid.

Minimum Qualifications

Some experience with computers and web design. (WordPress). Good interpersonal skills, dependable, some knowledge of web design and development (currently enrolled in an academic program related to computer science or information technology and completion of at least one 300 level Computer Science course).

Felonies, misdemeanors, probation of any kind in the last 12 months, illegal drug use and/or certain driving convictions may disqualify you from participation in the internship program.

Location: Central Office - Boise

Schedule: Up to 15 hours a week, negotiable

Site Coordinator: Nancy Volle Phone: 208-605-4782 Email: 208-605-4782

Learning Opportunities: Assist in transferring the Sex Offender Management Board's website from DreamWeaver to WordPress and providing training and assistance with maintaining the website.