Probation & Parole

Clinical & Substance Abuse

Clinical Support
Clinical Support

Clients receive substance abuse evaluation during presentence investigation, at signs of risk, during relapse and upon parole reentry.  PSI Investigators, Probation & Parole Officers and the qualified members of our District Clinical Teams provide timely intervention through administration of SUD funding and community referrals.

PSI Process

Each District office is staffed with a Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Team, each team prepares SUD assessments as part of the 19-2524 process. Teams help coordinate screeners/assessments that need to be completed as well as locate assessments that have already been completed that assist the client through the sentencing process.


Clients coming out of the IDOC facilities often need assistance with resources and basic needs, Each Districts SUD team will coordinate meetings with clients to link clients to community-based programs, resources, and needs.  SUD teams can help clients apply for Medicaid, and often have a great deal of knowledge that they are always willing to share.

Programming Groups

As individuals successfully complete programming groups within the IDOC facilities, the SUD teams have aftercare groups to help clients practice previously learned skills in real life situations. IDOC conducts programming groups using Evidence Based Practices and focuses on a cognitive-behavioral approach. Groups are offered throughout the day to provide clients flexibility in scheduling based on need, and availability.