Probation & Parole

Limited Supervision Unit

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The Limited Supervision Unit (LSU) is the Idaho Department of Correction ’s statewide low risk caseload. This unit is supervised by two Sr. Probation and Parole Officers, supervising over 1,300+ clients spread-out through the State of Idaho.

All client’s must meet certain criteria to be considered and accepted to LSU and certain crimes maybe a disqualifier for acceptance. All clients are required to check-in once a month by an online monthly report, actively pay on their cost of supervision and court obligations (restitution), continue to abide by their court order/parole agreement and IDOC Agreement of Supervision Conditions. Client’s who have been accepted to LSU have shown to live pro-social lives and be a healthy member of society.

If you are on felony probation and parole and have completed all required treatment/programming, actively paying on your court obligations or has been paid in full, and in compliance with your supervision, talk to you probation/parole officer today!